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I. Restaurant Interior Design Service  

QDC with experience of over 250 completed projects in the field of Package Design & Construction, is known by many investors. We, always build a professional reputation and affirm value through each project, with a team of skilled workers, with many years of experience, ensuring the progress of business opening of customers. Coming to QDC, customers will always feel satisfied with the quality of construction, competitive prices, as well as dedicated service attitude and responsibility with the following standard process:

Process of QDC Restaurant Interior Design Service includes:

  1.  Preliminary consultation
  2.  Surveying the status of the site and surrounding areas.
  3. Consulting and analyzing business strategies: customer orientation, competitors in the same segment, kitchen advice, style, budget advice, project execution time…
  4. Process of making design drawings:

- Step 1: Make a drawing of the current state of the ground, after measuring the status quo in detail
- Step 2: The drawing features new functions from the kitchen area, bar, warehouse to the main lounge.
- Step 3: Edit and unify functional layout drawings.
- Step 4: Up 3D design for image areas, 3D color space look like real.
- Step 5: Edit and unify 3D drawings.
- Step 6: Estimating construction cost estimates
- Step 7: Detailed drawings when executing the actual construction.

  • Note: With a team of more designers, with more experience in the restaurant design segment, the QDC design team is willing to work overtime to meet the progress of the project.


QDC always brings creative designs - diverse - impressive - catching up with the current trend

II. Restaurant Construction Service

QDC accepts construction of turnkey packages or receives each item according to customer requirements. We always ensure the technical quality from the manufacturing process in the factory to the stage of construction at the site, promptly meeting the progress with the following process:

Restaurant Construction Process of QDC:

  1.  The rough construction part:

- Demolition work to suit the design
- Building walls to cover works
- Construction and renovation of house frames: Column, ram, floor
- Construction of the roof
- Work: Build and plaster wall
- Waterproofing and leaking work for the whole house
- Construction of electrical water system kitchen, bar and the whole house
- Construction of light electricity system: Internet, camera, audio, information system
- Ceiling plasterboard
- Glass aluminum and glass walls
- Stairs, handrail, railing

        2. Interior finishing part:

- Paving bricks
- Decorative stone tiles
- Installation of doors, windows
- Processing and installing decorative wood
- Wall painting
- GWallpaper, curtain
- Installation of electrical equipment, water, lights
- Installing light electrical equipment: Internet, camera, audio…
- Installation of sanitary equipment
- Installing stainless steel, bar equipment, kitchen area
- Construction of signs, restaurant gates
- Hygiene and handover of works

        3. Warranty and maintenance policy of QDC:

- 12 month free warranty for all items constructed by QDC
- After the warranty period, QDC still committed to continue supporting the restaurant warranty during the business operation.

  • Note: Estimated price table will be specifically calculated according to each work item, with the unit price and type of supplies. QDC will conduct a sample review of all items before construction starts.

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III. Why choose QDC to design and execute the package?

    ✔ The design of QDC is associated with the construction team, helping investors limit unnecessary waste in material censorship, save costs and soon go into business as planned.

    ✔ QDC has a factory directly over 1500m2, with a team of skilled workers creating high quality products with competitive prices at the factory, ensuring the project schedule. 

    ✔ A team of QDC workers are seasoned with practical experience, ready to work overtime, committed to handing over the restaurant's opening progress, in order to facilitate the first business.

    ✔ QDC will give you warranty, maintenance quickly, timely and ready to accompany customers during the operation of the restaurant.

    ✔ With more than 250 projects completed and put into stable operation in the cafe restaurant segment, QDC creates trust and satisfaction from customers, including those who have high requirements on technique and beauty.

Coming to QDC Design & Build customers will always feel satisfied with the quality of construction, impressed with the design style and always ensure competitive prices, as well as the attitude of dedicated service, responsibility to the project.